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Schroeder, Stephanie

Mrs. Stephanie Schroeder

Stephanie Schroeder
Boozhoo, waawaatesii nindizhinikaaz, maang nindoodem.  Gazaagaskwaajimekaag nindoonjibaa idash Ashkibaagiziibing nindaa noongom.  

Hello my name is Stephanie Schroeder. I am a proud Anishinaabekwe (Ojibwe woman) from the Leech Lake reservation and Bois Forte enrollee.  I moved to the Twin Cities right out of high school to attend the Minneapolis Drafting School.  I worked for about 3 years at an American Indian architecture firm called AmerIndian Architecture with Dennis SunRhodes, Arapaho. 

I decided to go back to school to complete my undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota- Twin Citites, there I majored in American Indian Studies and Architecture. After graduating I continued my education at Augsburg College to major in Education and Visual Art. I have been very lucky to become part of the American Indian Studies program at Harding High School since 2005.

I have been married since 2003 and we have been blessed with two great children.

Stephanie Schroeder

American Indian Studies

Phone: (651)744-3228


Ojibwe Language 1 

Ojibwe Language 2


Ojibwe Language 3


CIS: Introduction to the Anishinaabe Language (in partnership with Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College)


Beginning American Indian Art

Advanced American Indian Art

Studio American Indian Art