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Crosby, Mary

Mary "Markie" Crosby

Markie Crosby
I graduated from College of Saint Benedict/St. John's University with my degree in Hispanic Studies.  I spent a semester in Guatemala which I credit with sparking my interest in the Spanish Language and a curiosity for other cultures.  After graduation I moved to Peru where I volunteered for 7 months.  

Spanish, for me has played a very BIG role in my life.  It has opened doors to so many opportunities and relationships.  I am passionate about teaching Spanish but more importantly teaching students to be global citizens and realize how language can help them learn more about the world.   

Markie Crosby

Spanish, Room 1451 

Phone: (651) 744-


Period 1:  Spanish 3 

Period 2:  Prep 

Period 3:  PLC 

Period 4:  Spanish 1 

Period 5:  Spanish 1 

Period 6:  Spanish 1 

Period 7:  Spanish 1