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Harding iPad FAQs

Image App

This page is a work in progress and will be added to in the coming days and weeks.

What is personalized learning and what does that have to do with iPads?

Each child has unique learning needs that SPPS believes can best be met through a more tailored form of instruction called Personalized Learning. There are many ways to personalize the learning experience for a student, such as varying the difficulty of a lesson based on a child's ability; making a lesson more relevant to a child's race, background, or experience; or integrating technology to allow new approaches to problem-solving.

Taking advantage of all the wonderful tools that technology makes available is one way to personalize learning. Saint Paul Public Schools has chosen to more fully integrate technology using the Apple iPad. This digital tool appeals to the widest range of learners to help students stay engaged and learn more.

View the Essentials of Personalized Learning document or visit for more information and explanation.

How is SPPS funding the iPad initiative and Personalized Learning?

Visit to read more about the referendum funds being used to support Personalized Learning in SPPS.

How can students and parents complete the required orientation?

Option #1: Follow the appropriate link to iPad Online Orientation. Complete 20 minute process WITH parent. Online Orientation in EnglishHmoobKaren,Soomali, and Espanol.

Option #2: Attend the Harding Family Orientation Event WITH parent on January 12th or 13th. There will be a 40-minute class starting on the hour and half hour from 4:00 to 6:30. Interpreters are available in Spanish, Hmong, Karen, and Somali.

To ensure the responsible use and care of the iPad, both the student and the parent/guardian should go through the orientation process together (at school or online). 

What happens if students do not complete the orientation with their parents?

All students will be issued an iPad to set up during the Roll out, HOWEVER, if the Orientation has not been completed by student AND parent, the student will not be allowed to take the iPad with them.  If Orientation is still not completed by the following week, students will have to check out their iPad daily for required class use, but will not have out of school access for homework and other activities. Students will check out their iPad from Ms. Motzel in the Library each morning, and will return it to their 7th period teacher at the end of the day. The student will be held responsible for returning their iPad each day.

How are apps selected for the SPPS iPads?

Read about the app selection process and SPPS core apps at

I've heard there are some apps that I should not download. What are they?

The list of apps that are not allowed on district iPads can be found at If any of the apps listed on that page are on a student's iPad, the student will lose access to the App Store until the app that is not allowed is removed. 

To remove an app from your iPad:

  1. Tap and hold on the app icon until it starts to wiggle.
  2. Tap the "X" to delete.
  3. Push the Home button to return to using the device.
There's something wrong with my iPad. Where can I go for help?

First, try to find the answer to your question using the iPad User Guides on this website or by looking in a search engine (like Google or Bing) for the answer. The solutions to most simple problems can be found with a simple web search.

If that doesn't work, use the Tech Support page to find the appropriate people to contact.

Still have more questions?

Try taking a look at the SPPS Personalized Learning FAQs to see if your question has been answered there. If you're a teacher, the Teacher FAQs may also have relevant answers.

If there's a question that you think should appear on this page, stop by the Genius Squad table in the Library to make your suggestion.