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National Honor Society (NHS)

NHS: Service Leadership, Character, and Scholarship

Membership is an honor bestowed upon a student based on the four pillars of NHS: Service, Leadership, Character, and Scholarship. Students at the end of their sophomore/junior year who have a 3.5 GPA will receive a letter saying they are academically eligible to apply for membership.  The membership application needs to reflect that the individual is a person of good character who proves to be a leader who performs service in the community and in the school.  Once selected for membership students have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities.

Summer Activities

During the summer, NHS members are required to work at the MN State Fair and attend the whole group meeting in August. Students may also be invited to attend the Summer Leadership Conference hosted by MAHS.


2015-2016 NHS Members


  1. Christopher Thigpen-Baker
  2. Cierra Bulau
  3. Lah Lah Doo
  4. Skyler Kuczaboski
  5. Kang Lee
  6. Corbin McCall
  7. Xai Thao
  8. Kevin Tran
  9. Cher Vang
  10. May Flower Vang
  11. Savannah Vang
  12. Cheadle Vue
  13. Douachee Vue
  14. Bae Wa
  15. Kennedy Yang


  1. Sakina Gorden
  2. Mee Kai
  3. Putida Kupaphan
  4. Mai Zoua Lee
  5. Maixee  Lor
  6. Emely Martinez
  7. Viky Moua
  8. Jose Ortiz
  9. De Paw
  10. Lucero Ramos
  11. Gratias Sessou
  12. Arriayn Thao
  13. Ann Maureen Vang
  14. Faith Vang
  15. Mai Vang
  16. Soua Vang
  17. Janie Xiong
  18. Melanie Xiong
  19. Kristina Yang

Returning Members (Seniors)

  1. Yasmin Abdillahi
  2. Gabrielle Brown
  3. Caitlin Burkes
  4. Samsam Dirie
  5. Andrew Haldeman
  6. Gao Ia Her
  7. Marcelus Ifonlaja
  8. Rebecca Kong
  9. Ruweida Sheikh-Mohamed
  10. Jessica Moua
  11. Pantsai Moua
  12. Cindy Nguyen
  13. Andrew Parker
  14. Delaney Simmons (Graduated Early)
  15. Xia Vang
  16. Dua Xiong
  17. Salamong Xiong
  18. Grace K. Yang
  19. July Yang

Executive Board

  • President- Pachia Thao
  • Vice President-Sophia Thao
  • Secretary- Pao Thao
  • Treasurer- Miranda Lafavor
  • Historian-Djalna Twaha

Meeting Information

Day: First & Second Thursday of the month

Place: Libray or Room 1406

Time: 6:50 am

Advisors: Jamie Shady and Megan Lee

Email or call (651) 744-3078