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Diploma Program Admissions Policy

Harding High School IB DP Admissions Policy - 2020

Erik Brandt, DPC

Admissions Philosophy

The admissions philosophy of Harding High School’s open-access IB Diploma Program can be best described as “all are welcome!” We welcome students of all academic backgrounds to engage with the IB Diploma Program at a level of challenge that is appropriate for each student, and this message is regularly communicated to all students and families throughout each school year.

How is enrollment in the full diploma and not only individual diploma courses promoted and supported?

Harding’s DPC visits all of the 9th and 10th grade English classes annually to promote the DP courses as well as the IB Diploma.  Additionally, there are a number of assemblies for 10th graders that feature either student panels or staff-led presentations on academic options.  The DPC visits evening parent events to promote engagement with the program as well.  Counselors, Administrators, and teachers additionally have a mind-set of actively seeking out and encouraging promising students to either take additional DP courses or pursue the IB Diploma.

How are students advised regarding their options?

By the time Harding students reach the end of 10th grade, they have likely had a minimum of three informational sessions about the Diploma Program, had multiple teachers speak with them about the program, and met individually with their counselors to refine their academic plans.